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Sharing r/vintageobscura's big list of underground music documentaries. What do you think/ what's missing?

2019.01.18 17:11 drylaw Sharing r/vintageobscura's big list of underground music documentaries. What do you think/ what's missing?

​ I'm a big fan of music documentaries, but often have difficulties finding good ones. Recently I asked around on vintageobscura and a few other subs for recommendations, got lots of great ones and collected them as a cool resource. Since I got some positive feedback on here when sharing it in another thread I figured to share it here - find the whole list below.
It now runs to ca. 100 docs, and I did my best to put them into rough categories, from electro to punk to African. All are full docs unless it says trailer. Vintageobscura focuses on older (at least 25 yrs old) and obscure tracks, but for this my main idea was to put together movies that people might not know, and basically evade big name acts - so you'll also find newer stuff here.
I'd be glad for any feedback! Which ones didn't/did you know? Which other great docs are out there? (probably won't edit more in, since this was quite some work already) Or also just discuss music documentaries as a genre - which type works best, the classical talking head type or more experimental ones, etc.
(mods feel free to delete if this doesn't comply with the rules enough)
*Copying the list, for the original post with more comments see here*





Heavy/StoneDesert Rock etc.

African/Asian (Funk/Rock...)



  • High Tech Soul: The Creation of Techno Music (2006) - Explores the start of techno music in Detroit, featuring artists like Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson (The Belleville Three).
  • Speaking in Code (2009) - follows several techno artists/personalities and how they struggle/thrive in the realm of electronic music (mostly in Germany).
  • Gabbers! Dutch documentary on the Gabber scene (with English subs)
  • Northern Disco Lights (2016) - follows the birth (and rise) of Norwegian dance music. Featuring Eros, Bjørn Torske and more
  • Kvadrat (2013) - a low-key documentary following a techno-DJ - no typical interviews but the excellent scenes, soundtrack is incredible and really captures DJing in clubs, travelling etc.
  • Ström åt folket (2013) - Explores the history of electronic music in Sweden (in Swedish). Available elsewhere with Swedish subtlitles.


Hip Hop/Funk/Disco/Cratedigging

Artists/Radio DJs/etc.

And just in case that's not enough, I recently came across this documentary page on Open Culture which includes a lot on arts and music, looks pretty good.
edit: Thanks everyone for the great additions! Again, probably won't manage to edit all this in but this is great material, keep 'em coming.
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